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A superb and very rare Victorian Doulton Lambeth artware mantle clock modeled as a long case clock and standing at 12 inches in total hight. The clock case is produced in a blue, green, white and brown glaze and it is highly decorated on three sides with various patterns and designs to include, shells, fleur du lys and small flower heads. The reverse side is a plain brown glaze and it is stamped with the Doulton Lambeth factory stamp and date 1884, over the last 30 years i have seen only three other examples of this clock they all had slightly different decoration but they were all dated 1884 and so this model was almost certainly in production for only one year. The actual clock is a wind up 30 hour movement and it is in good working order but it is probably a latter replacement but it does match the case perfectly and the rarity and value is in the Doulton stoneware clock case and not the clock movement. Mint condition.