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Welcome to my website.

Here you will find a good selection of antiques and collectables, specialising in high quality glass, advertising items, stoneware including Doulton Lambeth, Stiff, Pratt etc.

Each and every lot is guaranteed to be completely genuine thus allowing collectors to buy with complete confidence in the certain knowledge that the item they receive will be exactly as described and photographed.

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ART NOUVEAU CERAMIC JUG BY BRETBY. A very attractive brown and black glazed art nouveau ceramic jug which simulates copper metal and it is decorated with two attractive ceramic disks that simulates enamel or perhaps coloured natural stones. Factory marks to the base. Height approximately 21 cm.
15CT GOLD WW1 MILITARY BROACH / BADGE. A superb gold and enamel British Royal Artillery Regimental broach. This military badge features the design of an artillery gun, motto and Kings crown. Reverse side features high quality pin and hook and gold stamping for 15ct gold. These broaches were usually given by serving British army officers to there wife, mother or sweetheart. Plated metal and silver types are fairly common but gold examples are extremely rare, especially in high grade 15ct gold. If you are interested in military items please look at my other site at, www.theoldbrigade.co.uk [Condition: Mint]
9ct GOLD BRITISH GUARDS REGIMENT'S BADGE. A fine quality gold sweetharts badge, miniature British Guards Regiment's 9ct gold badge mounted on bar broach. Reverse side features pin and hook and it is marked 9ct. These sweat harts badges were given by serving British officers to there wife's and sweetharts and were especially popular during WW1.. ( If you are interested in arms and militaria please see our other site, www.theoldbrigade.co.uk , there is a link to this site on my home page) .. [Condition: Mint]
9ct GOLD DOUBLE SOVEREREIGN CASE. A beautiful Edwardian double sovereign case, the outer case is finly engraved with decorative floral designs, English gold hall marks for Chester 1909 with the gold mark of 375. [Condition: Mint]
9CT GOLD ENGLISH DOUBLE SOVEREIGN CASE. A superb example, the outer case is chased with a very attractive line decoration with A circle to the center which is often engraved with the owners initials but this one is plain which most collectors prefer.The interior has two spring loaded compartments for holding gold sovereign coins, the lid has a good set of gold hall marks for Birmingham 1913, gold marks 9 375 and makers initials. A superb sovereign case, gold doubles are extremely hard to find.
9ct GOLD ENGLISH VESTA CASE. A superb quality large vesta case much large than most, the case is beautifully engraved with floral designs, the obverse side is also engraved with the original owners initials GH. Gold hall marks for Chester 1907 and marked 9 & 375 for 9ct gold. Complete with suspension loop for attachment to a chain. No dents or damage, just about mint condition. [Condition: Mint]
9ct GOLD ENGLISH VESTA CASE. A very nice and extremely high quality 9ct gold vesta case, both side are highly decorated with a an elaborate Greek key border with a very unusual and attractive central design which give the impression of tiny fleur de lys,the interior features a full set of English gold hall marks with makers initials B&S,gold content marks 9/375 ,city of manufacture which is Birmingham and the year date letter for 1925.Although Silver vesta cases are fairly easy to find gold examples are very rare. The height is 2 inches. [Condition: Near Mint]
9ct GOLD POCKET KNIFE. Both sides of this very attractive pocket knife are decorated in a simulated bark affect and it is fitted with a suspension loop. The pocket knife is fitted with a blade, file & scissors .Both sides of the knife are stamped with a good set of 9ct gold hall marks for Birmingham 1967and with makers initials SJR. A very attractive knife. [Condition: Mint]
9CT GOLD VESTA CASE. A very nice and difficult to find 9ct gold vesta case. The case is decorated with a very attractive ribbed design. Gold hallmarks for Birmingham 1890. [Condition: Near Mint]
A CASED PAIR OF SILVER SAUCE BOATS. A very attractive pair of sauce boats of unusual form with decorative handles. Silver marks for Birmingham 1911. Complete with original black leatherette case of issue. Provenance Claydon House estate Buckinghamshire.
A LARGE MARTIN BROTHERS LEMONADE JUG WITH GROTESQUE DESIGNS. This very large Victorian stoneware jug measures appropriately 13 inches or 33cm in height. Black glaze with white decoration featuring foliage designs with four large grotesque dragons and two grotesque human type heads with fire emitting from there mouths.The base of the jug is fully signed, Martin Brothers London & Southall 12.1892. Mint condition and very impressive.
A LARGE MID VICTORIAN SILVER FOUR PIECE COFFEE AND TEA SET. This matching set comprises a large tea pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl and cream jug all of which are highly decorated with matching floral designs, each item is also beautifully engraved with a large decorative capital M. Silver hallmarks to base of each item for Edward and John Barnard of London, the coffee pot, sugar bowl and cream jug are each dated 1866 and the tea pot is dated 1867. The approximate weight is 68 oz so this is a heavy and very impressive set and it is probably one of the nicest i have owned.
A MOST UNUSUAL VICTORIAN INK STAND PRODUCED FROM SEA SHELLS AND WITH SILVER MOUNTS. Three attractive pink and white polished rock type shells with silver mounts, two would have contained ink and the third is for a taper or candle stick, mounted on mother of pearl type shell pentray with silver owners initials. Silver hallmarks for Thomas Johnson London 1883. A most unusual Victorian inkstand with a very modern look to it.
A PAIR OF SILVER DECORATIVE DESERT BOWLS WITH GLASS LINERS. A very attractive set with pierced foliage decoration with ornate handle and each sitting on four claw feet.Silver marks for Sheffield 1941 with makers initials G.LTD. The price is for the pair. Mint condition.
A RARE ENGLISH SILVER DOUBLE SOVEREIGN CASE AND VESTA COMBINATION. A beautiful large silver hallmarked case highly decorated with floral designs. Pushing a button releases a compartment which is fitted with double sovereign holders for holding half and full sovereigns. The other end is opened on a hinge and this has a compartment for holding vestas (matches) .Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1909 and makers initials RP. An extremely high quality example.
A RARE TORQUAY WARE MILITARY MUG. Although Torquay ware is fairly common and inexpensive,military or Royal commemorative items from this factory are very rare.Stonware mug featuring the raised design of a British soldier in full uniform holding riffle & standing on grassland with mountain to the background,with inscription,GOD BLESS YOU TOMMY ATKINS,HERES YOUR COUNTRYS LOVE TO YOU,SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1900.Base pottery marked ALLER VALE.Hight just under four inches. [Condition: Mint]
A SUPERB ART NOUVEAU SILVER CHEST. A superb art nouveau trinket box modeled as a highly detailed and very attractive chest or strong box. All outer surfaces feature a hammered effect, stylized hinges and art nouveau designs with a central shield to lid with original owners initials, the lid and box are silver hallmarked for London 1905,box is closed by a chain and silver pin (even the pin is hall marked). The base of box is made of wood. [Condition: Mint]
A VERY ATTRACTIVE LARGE SILVER TABLE EPERGNE. Large silver trumpet vase sitting on a circular base with 3 fitted silver arms complete with 3 teachable smaller silver vases. Silver marks for London 1926 and with makers initials RP. Superb table center piece, height just under 10 inches.
A VERY LARGE DOULTON WINE EWER BY HANNA BARLOW. A very attractive and highly decorated stoneware wine ewer. Top and bottom borders decorated in brown, blue and green floral decoration, large central border depicting five stags resting in a grassy glade. Base is stamped with Doulton factory stamp, Hanna Barlow's initials, assistant artists initials and other factory stamps. Height 15 inches
A VERY LARGE VICTORIAN SILVER MOUNTED GREEN HARD STONE INKWELL AND PEN HOLDER. A large square inkwell produced in a very attractive marble stone type material and fitted with a silver lid with engraved owners monogram and complete with pen rests. Silver marks for Barrette & sons London 1899. Mint condition. 225.00.
A VERY RARE VELLETS PATENT BULB NECK CODD BOTTLE. A rare 10oz aqua colored bulb neck codd with a wooden bullet like stopper rather than the standard glass marble stopper.The bottle is embossed on the reverse side,J.KERSHAW & SON GATESHEAD,with a trade mark of a picture of a very detailed large bird.The reverse side of the bottle is very interesting as it is embossed in very large letters in a circle,VALLETS PATENT LIVERPOOL 1885,with a large picture of the wooden stopper.The bottle has been expertly cleaned/polished and it is now in mint condition. [Condition: Mint]
A VERY UNUSUAL EDWARDIAN NOVELTY SILVER WHEELBARROW PIN CUSHION. A beautiful and very high quality silver miniature pin cushion which is modeled as a wheelbarrow, the detail is exceptional and even the wheel turns. Silver hallmarks for Chester 1905 and with makers initials.This is a very rare silver pin cushion as I do not recall seeing a wheelbarrow model before.
ADAMS & BARRETTS PATENT STICK STOPPER MINERAL WATER BOTTLE. A good 10oz aqua example of this scarce Victorian mineral water bottle.The bottle is embossed on the obverse side, AERATED WATERS NORTHAMPTON with owners initials JB, above this the bottle is embossed with the glass makers / patent details, ADAMS & BARRETTS PATENT JERSEY. The reverse side of the bottle is embossed, BINGLEY NORTHAMPTON. The interior of the bottle still retains the original wooden stick stopper. John Bingley owned a chemist shop in Northampton which also offered mineral waters, he used at least two different embossed versions of this bottle and i believe this is the rarest. No chips or crack and it is still in extremely nice condition.
ADVERTISING SILVER MENUE OR CARD HOLDER. An interesting menu holder modeled as a man with adverting board advertising DRUY LANE theater. Silver hallmarks for London which are fairly modern. Not very old but certainly very decorative and a great novelty especially for those interested in the theater. [Condition: Mint]
ANTIQUE BOHEMIAN RUBY GLASS POT. A beautiful Bohemian ruby glass pot decorated with gilt floral designs and mounted with porcelain medallion depicting an attractive young lady wearing a green dress. Complete with matching lid with the same gilt decoration. Circa 1880. Mint condition.
ANTIQUE GLASS. By John Sandon.Excellent reference book,published in 2005,over 185 pages.Roman glass to the present day,very informative with excellent colour photographs.New. [Condition: Mint]
ART NOUVEAU SILVER TOPED GLASS JAR. Decorative cut class Edwardian jar complete with silver lid decorated in an art nouveau style depicting three woman, silver marks for Chester 1905 with makers initials and Registration design number. A very attractive pot. [Condition: Near Mint]
ATTRACTIVE VICTORIAN FRUIT BOWL. A beautiful silver fruit bowl decorated with floral designs, silver marks for London 1899 by Walker & Hall.
BEARS GREASE POT LID, ALAS POOR BRUIN. A superb colored Pratt ware lid,I recently sold another example of this lid but this one is far nicer with better colour and print and the condition is mint.The lid depicts a number of Victorian boys tormenting a bear and its keeper by throwing snow balls,in the background there is a school for boys and an inn which is named,THE BEAR INN. [Condition: Mint]
BEAVIS PATENT CODD BOTTLE. A very nice 6oz aqua glass Beavis patent codd bottle (THE marble chamber groove has the Beavis upturn to the right hand side).The bottle is embossed on the obverse side, MORRISON & TOWNSEND CASTLFORD YORKS, with superb large pictorial trade mark of man standing at a table with glass of drink and with speechbubble , THIS IS THE DRINK FOR ME. The reverse side is embossed, A15 and bottle makers details, E.Breffit & Co LD, Makers Catleford. The bottle is in very nice condition.
BRACKLEY ANTIQUE CELLAR. I now have several display cabinets at Brackley Antique Centre displaying a selection of my antiques a collectable which I presently have for sale. This antique centre is probably the largest in central England with over 160 independent antique dealers under one roof. Brackley is a small picturesque Northamptonshire market town which has many specialty shops, restaurants and a hotel, the famous Silverstone motor racing track and facilities is only 5 minutes away. Brackley is situated on the A43 Northampton to Oxford road and is only 15 minutes from junction 15A of the M1 or junction 10 of the M40 motorways. If you wish to personally view a single item or several items from my website then we can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time at the above antique centre. The Brackley Antique Cellar, Draymans Walk, Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 6BE, England. (www,brackleyantiquecellar.co.uk). [Condition: Mint]
BRIGHTON SOUVENIER LACE PLATE. A very nice Victorian holiday souvenir lace plate,the plate features a full colour picture of Brightons sea front,showing hotels,promanade and sea front.Inscription to front of plate, A PRESENT FROM BRIGHTON,THE SANDS,METROPOLE AND GRAND HOTELS. [Condition: Near Mint]
BRITISH VICTORIAN SILVER AND GLASS CLARET JUG. A superb Victorian glass claret jug of globular form with long decorative neck mounted with silver handle, spout and collar.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1885 and makers initials IG. Height 28cm. Mint.
BRONZE BRITISH LIFE GUARD OFFICER FIRE SIDE SET. A large bronze coloured model of a British life guard officer with plumed helmet standing at over 3ft high.The reverse side has stamped registration number and makers details with fittings for poker, tongs and brush. A very unusual set dating to about 1910. This is a very heavy figure so there might be an extra cost for postage depending on service required and destination.
CASED EDWARDIAN SILVER CONDIMENT SET. The set comprises two silver sifter, two silver salt pots with blue glass liners, one silver mustard pot with lid and thee silver spoons. Complete with black leatherette case which is velvet lined and inset for the items. Silver marks for Sheffield 1905 with makers initials. A very impressive set.
CASED ENGLISH CORONATION SPOON. A superb quality copy of the anointing spoon used in the ceremony of the coronation of the British Kings and Queens, the original dates from the 12th century.Silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1936.Complete with original paper card giving the details of the spoon and original red leatherette presentation box.
CASED MINIATURE SILVER HALLMARKED TOBY JUG. A superb English silver hallmarked Toby jug standing at just under 3 inches in total height. Fine detail to the jug especially the face. Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1911 with makers initials. Complete with original black leatherette box with Jersey retailers name. Superb miniature. [Condition: Near Mint]
CASED SILVER DESSERT SERVING SET. A fine quality English Edwardian dessert serving set comprising a large decorative silver cake knife and serving spoon. Silver marks to each handle for Sheffield 1903 and makers initials GHB. The large black leatherette case is lined in blue velvet and silk and the base is inset for the knife and spoon, the interior lid has the retailers name, PEARCE & SONS, GOLDSMITHS, LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD & LEICESTER. [Condition: Mint]
CASED SILVER NOVELTY SANDWICH FLAGS. A very unusual set of five silver flags each describing a type of sandwich such as Tomato & cheese, Beef or Lobster.Silver marks to each flag pole for Birmingham 1937 and with makers initials AS, they are also stamped with a registration number and patent number. The printed celluloid sandwich descriptions can be removed from the flags and the set is complete with many other sandwich description inserts.Complete with original black leatherette box. A superb set and very reminiscent of the 1930's Enid Blyton / Agathe Cristy story's.
COBALT BLUE GLASS BOAT INK BOTTLE. A very nice Victorian cobalt blue glass ink bottle in the so called boat design and manufactured with a shear lip.
COBALT BLUE GLASS INK WELL. A good Victorian cobalt blue glass circular ink bottle with shear lip. Deep blue glass in perfect condition. [Condition: Mint]
CRIMEA WAR COMEMORATIVE JUG DATED 1858. A very attractive British Victorian large white china water jug decorated with designs from the Crimea war. The front of the jug bears a decorative gilt inscription, S & C ANDNAMS 1858 (possibly the owners name or a company name). One side of the jug shows troops attacking the Sebastopol fortifications and the other side depicts the light cavalry charge at Balaclava with British cavalry attacking Russian artillery. Large decorative white handle which simulates a rope design with gilt highlights. Base of the jug features manufacturers details with crossed Allied flags, CRIMEA, G.F.BOWERS CHINA MANUFACTURERS BROWNHILLS. A very attractive jug in fine condition. [Condition: Mint]
DECORATIVE LATE VICTORIAN SILVER BOWL WITH BLUE GLASS INSERT. A superb high quality floral basket sitting on four ball and claw feet and complete with blue glass insert.Silver marks for London 1901 which was the last year of Queen Victoria's reign and with makers mark AS & HM.
DECORATIVE MOORCROFT BOWL. Blue background decorated both sides in the Hibiscus pattern flower design. The base features the Moorcroft makers stamps and also the original factory Moorcroft paper label. A very nice bowl, height just under 4 inches. Circa 1955. [Condition: Mint]
DECORATIVE TWIN HANDLE VASE. A very attractive green glaze vase with large blue and brown medallions on the obverse and reverse sides with a decorative border that joins both madalions.Base marked Royal Doulton England model number and artists initials.Hight just under 6 inches. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON ADVERTISING STONEWARE BARREL FOR PORT. A very attractive late Victorian artware barrel which is especially desirable as it is a nice small size measuring approximately 22cm or just under 9 inches in height.The stoneware barrel is glazed in various shades of blue, green and brown, with a plaque to the front with the contents description, Port. Central border of blue decorative flowers and also ornate and attractive top and bottom borders. Complete with original and matching ceramic stopper and brass tap. Doulton factory marks and artist initials to the base. An unusual Doulton barrel, i have not seen this model before and it is especially rare being for Port. Mint condition.
DOULTON ADVERTISING WHISKY JUG. Green/blue glazed body with brown top,base features an attractive floral design and the neck of the jug features decorative flowers.Handle to the reverse side of the jug.Base impressed,DISTILLERS OF THE CHOICEST LIQUEURS SINCE 1820,JAMES BURROUGH LTD,LAMBETH SE.Base of jug is also stamped with Doulton England pottery stamp,model number and artists initials GS. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON ADVERTISING WHISKY JUG. Brown top with blue base with attractive decorration,handle to reverse.Base impressed,DISTILLERS OF THE CHOICEST LIQUEURS SINCE 1820,JAMES BURROUGH LTD,LAMBETH SE.Base is also stamped with the Doulton England stamp with model number and artists initials AM.A very attractive jug. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON ARTWARE ISOBATH PATENT INKWELL. Stoneware Isobath inkwell decorated with floral designs and produced in a very attractive brown and blue glaze. The lid is detachable and it is decorated with matching designs.The base is stamped with the Doulton factory makers mark, model number and artists initials MH. The inkwell still retains its original internal fittings with some old ink residue. Circa 1890. Mint condition with no chips, cracks or restoration.
DOULTON BABY STONEWARE INKWELL. A rare full colour novelty stoneware inkwell modeled as a baby, lifting the the baby's head reveals the inkwell. Base is marked with Royal Doulton pottery stamp, model number and design registration number.The main flaw with this pattern inkwell is that the stoneware and metal hinge often breaks and the head then becomes detached probably because they are top heavy, the example I have available the head is still firmly in place but there are some tiny chips from the hinge but the head has not become detached and it is still firmly in place and it is in perfect functioning order, the glaze shows old age crazing but there are no repairs or other damage, it is in remarkably good condition. Height just under 4 inches.
DOULTON BEAKER BY GEORGE TINWORTH. A very nice and attractive Victorian Doulton stoneware lemonade beaker by the famous Doulton artist George Tinworth. The beaker is decorated in the typical Tinworth style with swirling foliage with raised flower designs produced in an attractive blue and brown glaze. Tinworth initials to the front of the beaker and then Doulton Lambeth factory marks and assistants initials with date 1877 to base. Complete with original silver plated collar.Mint condition.
DOULTON BIG BEN VICTORIAN ADVERTISING WHISKY JUG. A beautiful late Victorian Doulton art ware whisky advertising jug dating to about 1895 and standing at over 7 inches in height. Blue and green stoneware glazed jug with brown top. The front of the jug features a raised plaque with the depiction of the famous clock tower and with advertising, BIG BEN SCOTCH WHISKY TEN YEAR OLD. Handle to the reverse side. Base features Doulton pottery stamp, artists initials and other factory markings. Mint condition.
DOULTON DEWAR'S WHISKY JUG. Brown stoneware jug with dark green top.Transfered printed, JOHN DEWER & SONS LIMITED DISTILLERS PERTH and decorated with various pictorial designs. Doulton factory marks to base. Circa 1895. Height just under 6 inches. Mint condition.
DOULTON DEWERS WHISKY ADVERTISING PISTOL. A superb very rare and mint condition Doulton stonware advertising flintlock pistol spirit flask. The flask is modeled as a highly detailed flint lock pistol, the top of the pistol features the advertising inscription, DEWERS PERTH WHISKY, the side of the pistol is also marked in large letters, DPW.The base of pistol is marked, DOULTON, LAMBETH, ENGLAND with model number. A rare advertising spirit flask especially in mint condition, I have only owned one other which was some years ago and that had been heavily restored .The flask date's from the late 1890's or early 1900's. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON FACTORY ADVERTISING DISH. This interesting dish is mounted with pot to the center with flames rising below it, representing a factory crucible. The outer edge of the dish with inscription , DOULTON & CO LTD, LONDON & BIRMINGHAM, CRUCIBLE MANUFACTURERS. Doulton Lambeth factory marks to the base. Mint condition.
DOULTON JARDINIERE. A very nice small Doulton jardiniere standing at only 5 inches in total height.Blue glaze body with brown rim and with blue and green floral designs,brown pedestal base.Base marked Doulton Lambeth England,model number and artists initials FJ.A very nice attractive item. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON JUG BY HANNAH BARLOW FEATURING CATS. A superb Doulton Lambeth large stonware jug produced by one of there most desirable artists Hannah Barlow, this example features the extremely rare design of five highly detailed cats on an attractive white background. Decorative blue and green base which matches the ornate handle. The base has a number of factory marks to include Doulton Lambeth stamp, date 1883,Hannah Barlow initials, assistants initials which are for here sister Lucy Barlow, and another set of initials for a second assistant. Cat subjects on Doulton stonware by Hannah Barlow are extremely rare and seldom offered for sale, animals normally seen are horses, cows & sheep.Height 8 inches. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON LEMONADE JUG. An interesting example as it is a lot smaller than most Doulton lemonade jugs standing at just 21cm in height. Attractive blue and white intricut decoration on a pale brown background. Base has Doulton Lambeth factory stamp, artists initials and date 1880. Mint condition.
DOULTON MACKINLAYS ADVERTISING WHISKY JUG. A beautiful blue / green mottled jug with brown top and decorated with Scottish thistles. Large white seal to the front of the jug with company advertising, MACKINLAYS VERY OLD SCOTCH WHISKY, it also features the company trade mark of a stag in shield with a mailed fist which is holding a thistle. The base features Doulton factory stamps and artist initials. Circa 1895. Height just over 8 inches. Mint condition.
DOULTON ROYAL COMEMORATIVE BEAKER. Queen Victoria 1897 Royal Jubilee commemorative beaker. Blue beaker with decorative floral border of Scottish thistles, English rose and Irish clover. Two large medallions to front depicting the young and old Queen Victoria profiles and dates 1837-1897.Doulton Lambeth pottery stamp to base with artist initials LB and model number. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON SCHWEPPES BELL. Stonware blue glazed counter bell with advertising for SCHWEPPES TABLE WATER to upper part of the bell. The under side of the bell features the bell ringer on a metal hook and the Doulton factory stamp. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON TWIN HANDLE VASE. A very decorative dark blue glazed vase with ornate twin handles,the vase has a central wide band of blue and green flowers and with matching decoration to base of vase.Base marked Doulton Lambeth England,model number and artists initials GW (Georgina White).Hight just under 6 inches. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON VASE BY HANNAH BARLOW DECORATED WITH CATTLE. This beautiful vase is by Hannah Barlow who was one of Doultons finest artists specializing in animal designs.This large vase stands 12 inches in hight.Green vase decorated with two bands of designs of leaves,center panel of vase feature a field of 8 cattle with trees and mountains to the background all drawn by Hannah Barlow in the sgraffito technique.Base is marked with Hannah Barlow's initials,assistansts initials,model number and the Royal Doulton England backstamp. [Condition: Mint]
DOULTON WHISKY JUG. Brown glazed whisky jug with blue and green decorative floral designs with blue flowers.Base marked,DOULTON LAMBETH with model number and artist initials. [Condition: Mint]
EARLY ENGLISH STONE PORTER BOTTLE. Large gray slip glazed bottle,impressed wording,T.WRIGHT WAINFLEET.One tiny nick out of base of bottle.Hight 11 inches.Bottle dates from about 1850/60s. [Condition: Near Mint]
EARLY VICTORIAN SILVER INK STAND WITH BLUE GLASS BOTTLES. Rectangular form Standish with decorative pierced border and with integral pen tray complete with two mint condition blue glass silver mounted bottles one for ink and the other for sand, complete with matching silver taper / candle stick. Silver hallmarks for Gervase Wheeler Birmingham 1842. it is most unusual to find one of these silver desk sets with blue glass bottles as normally they are clear glass. Mint condition.
EDWARDIAN 9 CARAT GOLD VESTA CASE. This is a rare circular example which are much harder to find than the square or oblong type. The case is beautifully engraved , France 1908. The lid is hinged and has a good tight fit. Gold marks for Birmingham 1908 and with makers initials H.W & CO LD and with the gold 9, 375 mark.
EDWARDIAN SILVER & TORTOISESHELL BOX WITH GOLD INLAY. A superb silver and tortoiseshell trinket box, the box stands on four legs with claw feet. Silver marks for London 1908 and with makers initials WC. The beautiful tortoiseshell lid is intricately inlaid with gold decoration of a classical style. The lid is hinged and it still contains it's original velvet lining. A fine quality box.
EDWARDIAN SILVER AND ENAMEL INKWELL. A fine capstan form inkwell, the hinged cover with unusual and very attractive enameled decoration.Complete with glass insert. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1910 and makers initials for F.Adams.
EDWARDIAN SILVER AND GLASS TABLE BELL. A very attractive bell with ornate silver handle and case.The handle depicts a grotesque face and a large bird.The glass bell case is in mint condition and it is fitted with a metal ringer.Silver hallmarks for London 1903 and makers mark WC. Beautiful condition and very attractive, the height is just under 5 inches.
EDWARDIAN SILVER LADY'S LOOKING GLASS MIRROR AND STAND. Perfect for display on a dressing table or desk.Silver oval mirror on swivel mounted stand which is decorated with flowers and other floral designs.Silver marks for Chester 1902 with makers initial AJS, the stand is also stamped with a registration number. A very unusual example.
ENAMEL ADVERTISING SIGN. An usual bowed example for mounting on pillar or post, this example was obtained in Lincolnshire and i believe that the company originates from Skegness . White enamel sign with blue lettering, HOUSE PURCHASE - MOTOR - FIRE BURGLARY ETC. K.G.GOUGH MORTGAGE & INSURANCE BROKER, 3 WESTFIELD DRIVE (OF LINCOLN RD) LOANS FOR ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY. Height 12 inches, a good size perfect for display. Mint condition.
ENGLISH 9ct GOLD CIGAR CUTTER. A very attractive and high quality 9ct gold cigar cutter, both sides are engraved with a complicated checkered design. Small gold suspension loop for attachment to a chain. Gold hall marks for Birmingham 1977 and makers initial SJR. [Condition: Mint]
ENGLISH 9CT GOLD MATCH BOX HOLDER. A superb quality 9ct gold box produced to hold a book of matches. Engraved intricut decoration to lid and base and bearing the original owners engraved initials in a circle. The Interior features a full set of English gold marks, Birmingham 1927 with makers initials and 375 gold mark. A superb quality gold box.
ENGLISH HALL MARKED SILVER NOVELITY INK WELL. A superb and finely detailed silver novelty inkwell modeled as a miniature coal box standing on four small silver feet. When the top handle of the box is lifted it reveals a glass ink well, the lower compartment can also be opened and this reveals a small compartment possibly for the storage of spare pen nibs. The coal box has English silver hall marks for Birmingham 1901 and makers initial TW. [Condition: Exc++]
ENGLISH SILVER HALL MARKED BASKET. A very attractive English silver hallmarked basket. Decorative and attractive border and complete with carrying handle. Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1907 and makers details C W & S. [Condition: Mint]
ENGLISH SILVER TANKARD DATED 1745 DECORATED WITH 3 SOLDIERS OF THE DEVON RIFLE BRIGADE WITH PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION. This extremely rare and interesting large size silver tankard measures just under 6 inches in height with an attractive silver handle, the tankard has silver hall marks for London 1745 and at this period it would have been fairly plain in the typical Georgian style, this plain design was not favored by the Victorians and many are now found which have been up-dated with floral designs and other decoration but the example i have to offer is exceptional and unique as it has been embossed with three soldiers of the Devon Rifle Volunteers in full military uniform and each holding a rifle, in the background are two tents and they are surrounded by trees, two of these trees have been formed with a space for an inscription which reads as follows, 1861 won by Langley Pope John Morgan, 1862 Corpl William Jarvis,1863 Corpl William Jarvis 1864, I imagine as Corporal Jarvis won the cup a number of times he was allowed to keep it. Below the rim of the tankard is the following inscription, CHALLENGE CUP PRESENTED TO THE 26TH DRV BY THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF KINGSBRIDGE. Below this inscription are the original silver hallmarks with makers initials, English silver lion, crowned lion's head and date letter K which dates the tankard to London 1745 which was the reign of King George the 2nd. An exceptional and very impressive silver presentation military tankard which is now over 270 years old.
ENGLISH SILVER TAZZA. A very attractive silver tazza for table display, large silver bowl with fret work border edge, sitting on a pedestal base and complete with two decorative handles, very art nouveau in appearance. Silver hall marks for London 1915 and makers initials MR. The base has the full silver makers details for MANOAH RHODES & SON, BRADFORD. The silver weight is just under 20oz. [Condition: Near Mint]
ENGLISH SILVER TAZZA. A very attractive silver tazza or bowl. Trumpet form base and stem terminating with a large bowl with attractive and decorative gallery border. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1930 and with makers initials. Size over 6 inches high and over 8 inches in width.
ENGLISH SILVER VICTORIAN MARROW SCOOP. A popular delicacy at the dinner table during the Georgian and Victorian times was the marrow from animal bones and this instrument was for removing the marrow so it can then be eaten. These difficult to find instruments were often in steel or silver plate but this rare example is a silver hallmarked example with silver marks for Birmingham 1866 and with makers initials JG. Mint condition.
ENGLISH SILVER WINE BOTTLE HOLDER. A fine condition silver hall marked wine bottle or soda syphone holder. Silver hall marks for Sheffield 1906 and makers initials RK. Height 7 inches, weight just under 16 oz. Dificult to find in English hall marked silver, normally these holder's were produced in silver plate. [Condition: Near Mint]
FINE DECORATIVE ENGLISH SILVER HALL MARKED SALVER. English silver hallmarked Victorian salver by Frederick Elkington of Birmingham and dated 1871.A good large drinks salver with decorative fretwork foliage border with ancient classical designs probably of Greek inspration, the designs include ancient warriors, archers, lovers, workers, lions and horses. The center of the salver is engraved with an attractive scrolled decoration. A very nice attractive heavy silver salver weighing in at over 28oz. [Condition: Near Mint]
FOUR SILVER TOP EDWARDIAN GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES WITH ORIGINAL LEATHER BOX. High quality cut glass bottles with silver circular tops, silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1910 with makers initials CM. Complete with original brown leather circular case with fitted compartments for the four bottles and complete with matching leather lid. Hight of each bottle 4 inches.Superb condition almost never used.
GEORGE THE 3RD SILVER SUGAR BASKET FOR 1787. Oval form with pierced scroll border, engraved decoration with beaded edge on a raised oval foot with hinged handle and complete with blue glass insert. Silver marks for London 1787.
GEORGE THE 4TH SILVER TOAST RACK DATED 1829. A superb large English silver toast rack with decorative handle and which has sections to hold 6 slices of toast.Silver hall marks for London 1829 with makers initials, a very nice George the 4th example.
GEORGIAN SILVER NOVELTY VINAIGRETTE. A superb and very rare novelty vinaigrette modeled as a miniature book. Georgian silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1832 produced by Taylor & Perry. The quality is outstanding with simulated book binding, the cover has attractive and highly detailed decoration with original owners initials EJ. [Condition: Mint]
GOSSNELL COLOURED POT LID, A RARE EXAMPLE THAT STILL RETAINS IT ORIGINAL PAPER LABEL TO THE REVERSE SIDE This lid is in mint condition, the obverse side shows a full colour and highly detailed picture of a young Queen Victoria on a green background and with advertising to outer edge for Cherry tooth paste produced by John Gossnell. The reverse side features original paper label giving directions for use, the paper label is very fragile so washing or cleaning the lid is not advisable. Mint condition.
GREAT GROOMS ANTIQUE CENTER. We are now selling a selection of our Antiques, militaria and collectibles from probably England's finest Antique center, Great Grooms of Hungerford in Berkshire. We also have several displays cabinets at the Brackley Antique Cellar in Northamptonshire which also offers a fine selection of our items and this is one of England's largest antique centers and certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.
IRISH SILVER SALT DATED 1772 WITH BLUE GLASS LINER. A superb Irish silver salt, the decoration is in the Robert Adams style.The salt sits on four decorative legs. Irish silver marks for Dublin 1772 by Christr Haines. Complete with original blue glass liner with pontil mark to base, one tiny chip to the liner but is not really noticeable and it is amazing that it has survived as most are latter replacements.
LARG SILVER ART NOUVEAU TWO HANDLE BOWL. A superb large silver bowl sitting on large pedestal base complete with two decorative handles, very art nouveau in design. Height 9 inches, it would make a very nice table center. Silver hallmarks for London 1915 with makers initials G.W. [Condition: Mint]
LARGE DOULTON VASE. Lower portion is dark blue upper portion is green and features a decorative art nouveau design.Base stamped Royal Doulton,model number and artist initials.Hight 11 inches. [Condition: Mint]
LARGE EDWARDIAN SILVER CHALICE. This large and attractive silver chalice or possibly a vase is decorated with acanthus, scrolls and foliage with two vacant cartouche and standing on stepped foot. Silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1903 with makers mark for Walker & Hall. Height 6 inches. Large and very impressive.
LARGE ENGLISH SILVER PUNCH BOWL. This superb quality and important presentation art nouveau English silver hall marked punch bowl was presented in 1903 to one of the leading ceramic stonware artists working at the Doulton factory in London. This is a very large and impressive punch bowl measuring 12 inches wide, the complete circumference of the bowl is decorated with very attractive art nouveau designs. The large plaque to the front of the bowl has the following presentation inscription, PRESENTED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE LONDON SKETCH CLUB TO JOHN HASSALL ESQ RI ON THE ACCASION OF HIS MARARIAGE, 3RD SEPTEMBER 1903.The bowl has a full set of English silver hall marks for Sheffield 1900 and makers initials JR. A very impressive bowl with interesting association especially if you are a ceramics collector. Weight just over 42 troy oz. Please see, Doulton Lembeth Wares by Desmond Eyles and Louise Irvine page 211 for details about John Hassall's work for Doulton during the early 1900's. [Condition: Near Mint]
LARGE MOORCROFT VASE. A very large and attractive Moorcroft vase, green background with red and purple flowers. Factory marks and date 2002 to base. Height Just under 10 inches or 25cm. A very impressive and collectible vase.
LARGE SILVER BOWL. A beautiful large oval pierced fret work bowl with ornate decorative to the border. Silver marks for Chester 1917 with makers initials. Weight 343 grams of silver.
LARGE SILVER EDWARDIAN DISH WITH FRET WORK DECORATION. A beautiful large silver hallmarked dish with attractive wide decorated border.The dish sits on three ball feet. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1909 and with makers initials WA.
LARGE SILVER EDWARDIAN PIG PIN CUSHION. A superb large silver model of a highly detailed pig, this example is much bigger than most at nearly 4 inches long. Silver marks on base for London 1902 and with makers initials. Complete with red wool padded insert.
LARGE SILVER VICTORIAN GOBLET WITH BRITISH COUNTRY FARM DECORATION. A beautiful large English silver hallmarked goblet decorated with farm house, hay storage pen with picket fence and a large cockerel and three chickens.Silver hallmarks for London 1869.
LARGE SILVER VICTORIAN PICTURE FRAME. A very attractive and large silver frame decorated with floral designs, silver marks for London 1899. Complete with glass and the easel stand to the reverse side.
LARGE VICTORIAN HALLMARKED SILVER SALVER. A very attractive English Victorian large silver salver by Elkington & co standing on three decorative feet. The salver's obverse side is almost totally engraved with various attractive and decorative designs and with a foliage border. The reverse side of the salver features a full set of English silver hall marks for Birmingham 1885 and the FE makers mark for Frederick Elkington.A very nice Victorian salver which are always in demand. Weight about 24oz. [Condition: Near Mint]
LARGE VICTORIAN SILVER TOPED JAR. A very impressive large clear class jar, the glass has an attractive and unusual hammered effect. The silver hall marked collar and hinged lid have an identical matching hammered affect. Silver hall marks for London 1899 and with makers initial. [Condition: Mint]
LATE VICTORIAN ENGLISH 9CT GOLD SOVEREIGN CASE. A fine example with a suburb engraved decorative case on obverse and reverse sides, the obverse sides is also engraved with owners initials.Gold marks for London 1900 to the inside of the case.
LATE VICTORIAN GOLD SOVEREIGN CASE. A very nice example produced in 9ct gold.The circular case is in superb condition and it is beautifully chased with ornate floral designs.The interior is stamped with the 9ct gold mark 375 and hallmarks for Chester 1900.
LATE VICTORIAN GREEN CODD BOTTLE. This is a large 10oz size codd bottle produced in dark green glass and which is embossed, PHILLIPS STAMFORD. The reverse side of the bottle is embossed with glass makers details. A very nice example with no chips or cracks just very light age just as you would expect.The bottle is in near mint condition.
LATE VICTORIAN SILVER PICTURE FRAME. Very attractive silver frame decorated with flowers and foliage designs.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1901 which was the last year of Queen Victoria's reign. Size 7 x 5 inches.
LIDDED HUMAN VEGETABLE CERAMIC MUG WITH LID. A most unusual ceramic mug produced in the late Victorian period in Germany. The mug is designed as a root vegetable with a highly detailed human face. The lid is produced in metal and ceramic with leaf decoration to the top, one small chip to one of the leaf's but other than that it is very nice. The base has manufactures mark. A most unusual item in very nice condition.
MARTIN BROTHER STONEWARE FACE JUG. A superb example of a Martin Brother stoneware double face jug, each side of the jug features a rather sinister and grotesque smiling face, the modeling to these faces is exceptional. Base has full Martin Brothers factory details. Circa 1910.Provenance, this jug was sold some years ago by Bonham's London and comes complete with a copy of the auction entry from the catalog.
MARTIN BROTHERS BIRD JAR . An extremely rare Martin Brothers grotesque ceramic bird jar and cover.Beautifully modeled in brown and white glaze with tints of blue and green, the bird has a sinister staring expression on its humanoid face.The bird is fully maker marked on the base and head collar with matching date 11.1903. Height 8 inches. Mint condition with no restoration or damage, an outstanding original example of English ceramics at is very best.
MARTIN BROTHERS BOWL WITH DRAGGON DESIGN. A really superb Martin Brothers stonware bowl decorated with a grotesque and very aggressive dragon. The design is highly detailed which depicts the winged dragon with coiled tail and with an open mouth with sharp teeth. The border of the bowl is decorated with tiny blue flowers. The base is marked Martin Bros London & Southall and date 1.93 (January 1893). The size is approximately that of the average table salt bowl, just under 4 inches across. [Condition: Mint]
MARTIN BROTHERS CERAMIC JUG. This Victorian jug stands at 5 inches in total height and is beautifully decorated with five birds and five flying insects in foliage designs. The base is marked, Martin Brothers London & Southall 1.1896. There is some damage to this jug but it is priced accordingly and would be worthy of restoration, in perfect condition this jug would easily be worth 1200.00 and probably more as Martin Brothers ceramic are very much in demand at the moment. This actual jug was sold by the auction company Woolley & Wallis of Salisbury 8 years ago (2007) and although damaged still sold for 600.00 + commission. Bargain price. [Condition: Exc+]
MARTIN BROTHERS DOUBLE FACE JUG. A superb face jug produced in a white glaze with light brown top, each side features a sinister and grotesque face. The base has the full Martin brothers factory markings with the London and Southall address.This example has excellent provenance, it was sold by Sotheby New York in 1997 and it was also exhibited in the David Rago and Philip Chasen Martin Brother exhibition. Photocopy pages from the catalogs will be supplied with the jug.
MARTIN BROTHERS GROTESQUE TORTOISE INKWELL. This superb Martin Brothers inkwell is very similar in style to there famous grotesque spoon warmers. An exceptionally rare and highly desirable stoneware figure of a tortoise with human face in the typical Martin brothers grotesque style. The shell of the tortoise has a very attractive mottled brown glaze, the tortoise's human face is in a gray glaze with sinister looking eyes, snouty nose and wide open mouth (for holding quill pen & ink). The white glazed base sits on four pad feet. The base is marked, R.W.Martin & Bros Southall B.37, this figure probably dates from Clement Martins period with the company. An exceptionally rare inkwell figure, from extensive research I can find only 4 other similar examples in important advanced collections / museums around the world. Considering that the going rate for a Martin Brothers grotesque bird is in the region of 20,000 / 100,000 depending on size and modeling and that there is easily in excess of 100 known, the Tortoise inkwell is considerably rarer and in my opinion much better value. [Condition: Mint]
MARTIN BROTHERS MR PICKWICK FIGURE. A highly detailed and very rare Martin Brothers stonware model of Mr Pickwick ( Charles Dickens character). This rare figure depicts Mr Pickwick asleep in a wheelbarrow, the detail is exceptional, Wallis Martin has even highlighted some of the creases in Mr Pickwick's coat in black paint before firing the figure. The back of the wheelbarrow is signed, R.W.Martin & Bro Southall 11.1914 and below this the title of the figure, PICKWICK. The figure has a couple of typical Martin Bothers glazed in manufacture firing cracks but no damage or restoration. Similar example featured in the Malcolm Haslam Martin Brothers book. Provenance, this actual figure was sold by Sotherby's London 12 years ago (2003). [Condition: Mint]
MARTIN BROTHERS VICTORIAN POT DECORATED WITH GROTESQUE FISH. A most unusual and attractive four sided pot / vase which sits on four feet which are part of the pot design.The pot is glazed in a pale green glaze with brown lip, each side of the pot features a large grotesque fish which are slightly raised out of the surface so they have a slightly 3D appearance, the glaze is formed to appear as the movement of water, a very clever technique which the Martin Brothers are known for. The base of the pot is fully signed Martin Bros London & Southall and dated 11.1900.The pot has four tiny glaze frits to the top lip of the pot, but these are very insignificant and hardly worth mensioning. Height approximately 12cm or 5 inches. A fine attractive and unique pot .
MARTINWARE CATALOGUE, BOOBIES, BOOJUMS & SNARKS. This rare catalogue was produced to commemorate the Jordan - Volpe 1984 exhibition of Martin brothers grotesque stoneware creatures 1880 - 1914. The catalogue folder contains many photograph of the amazing creatures that were exhibited in this ground braking exhibition, it also contains a short history of this fascinating Victorian pottery and the four eccentric brothers who owned and worked at it. Only 500 copy's produced and this is number 468. Extremely rare, a very difficult to find book.
MILLERS COLLECTABLE PRICE GUIDE 2007. 464 pages,all types of collectors items are covered in this book such as,ceramics,metal work,militaria,toys,glass,clothing,books,clocks,to name but a few,with over 5000 collectors items pictured,desribed and priced.Hard back,published in 2007. [Condition: Mint]
MILLERS COLLECTABLES PRICE GUIDE 2009. By Mark Hill and Judith Miller.Over 500 pages with 1000s of photo of collectables each one with price valuation. [Condition: Mint]
MINIATURE ADVERTISING SAMPLE HOT WATER BOTTLE. This attractive miniature stoneware hot water bottle measures less than 4 inches or 10cm in height. White glaze with black transfer print, MADE AT YE OLD FULHAM POTTERY ESTD 1671 RD NO 623302, the reverse side has the chemists name in black script, THE BOOTS CHEMISTS. Complete with original metal handle and remains or cork stopper.Fine condition.
MINIATURE DOULTON GINGER BEER BOTTLE. A miniature late Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle with Doulton factory makers mark to base. Height 6cm. Mint condition.
MINIATURE DOULTON WHISKY JUG. A very nice miniature whisky jug standing at just 1 1/2 inches in total height.Brown body with very dark brown top,handle to the reverse.Doulton pottery mark stamped into base with model number. [Condition: Mint]
MINIATURE MARTIN BROTHERS STONWARE JUG. A very attractive small jug standing at about 3 inches in height. The jug is produced in a very unusual design reminiscent of a snails shell with an unusual mottled glaze affect. The base is fully marked for the Martin Brothers with full signature and date. There is some very minor restoration to the jug which is to the lip and the handle but it is priced accordingly. [Condition: Exc++]
MINIATURE MOORCROFT VASE. A rare miniature Moorcroft vase decorated with flowers on two sides with beautiful blue background. Base marked, Moorcroft made in England.Tiny glaze rub on side of lip, possibly during manufacture. Circa 1960. Height approximately 2 inches or 5cm. Near mint condition.
MINIATURE NOVELTY VICTORIAN PERFUME BOTTLE. A very attractive Victorian novelty perfume bottle which is a miniature of a gentleman's hip flask complete with original screw top.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1897 and makers mark for A.J.Zimmerman.
MINIATURE NOVILITY SILVER TRUG. A very nice quality miniature silver trug / basket complete with fitted handle. Silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1915. [Condition: Mint]
MINIATURE SCOTTISH EDWARDIAN SILVER HALLMARKED HIGHLAND SWORD. A fine quality silver hallmarked miniature sword letter opener measuring just under 6 inches long. Fine quality and highly detailed silver basket hilt complete with wooden grip and red wool insert. Matching silver hallmarks to blade and the underside of the basket hilt for Edinborough 1909 and with makers initials JA.
MINIATURE SILVER BRITISH SWORD LETTER OPENER. A fine quality miniature of a WW1 army officers sword, the decorative basket hilt incorporates the royal cypher and it is also engraved with the original owners initials.Silver marks for Birmingham 1915. Steel blade is maker marked.
MINIATURE SILVER EDWARDIAN COAL SCUTTLE. A most unusual miniature novelty which is a perfect replica of a Victorian coal scuttle, even the handle is on a hinge and movable. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 and with makers initials. Hight but not including the handle is just under 3 inches.
MINIATURE SILVER FLAGON OF UNCLE TOBY. Superb quality miniature similar in design to a whisky jug and standing at 2 inches high, the body of the jug depicts the Victorian character Uncle Toby with a young lady, the neck and lip of the jug is formed as the head and shoulder of a carriage driver or sometimes referred to as a night watchman. Registration number to reverse side and English silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1905 with makers mark L&S. [Condition: Near Mint]
MINIATURE SILVER NOVELTY BASKET. A suburb quality miniature novelty silver basket with attractive fretwork borders, the handle is hinged so it can be moved. Silver marks for Birmingham 1912 and makers initials RC. Mint condition.
MINIATURE VICTORIAN NOVELTY SILVER BOATING OAR IN PRESENTATION CASE. A most unusual silver hallmarked rowing oar which was obviously produced as a presentation award / gift for a Victorian boating competition. Silver hallmarks for London 1853 with makers initials. Complete with fine quality brown leatherette presentation case, the interior is constructed in blue velvet and it is fitted for the oar. A most unusual item and especially nice with it's original box.
MINITURE DOULTON STONEWARE GINGER BEER BOTTLE. This very nice brown salt glazed example stands at just over 2 inches in height. Doulton Lambeth pottery stamp to base. [Condition: Mint]
MOORCROFT BOWL. Very attractive large bowl of the ANEMONE design. Full moorcroft factory marks and original factory paper label to to the reverse side and signed by Walter Moorcroft.Circa 1980.
MOORCROFT BOWL. An attractive floral design on blue background. Moorcroft pottery stamps to reverse side. Circa 1960, the size is similar to a sugar bowl. Mint.
MOORCROFT PLATE. This very attractive Moorcroft plate which features a blue background decorated with red and yellow flowers with green leaves, the Hibiscus pattern. The reverse side features various Moorcroft marks and Walter Moorcroft's signature. Circa 1950's. The size is approximately that of the average dinner plate. [Condition: Mint]
MOORCROFT STONWARE DECORTIVE BOWL. A very attractive oval Moorcroft bowl with typical dark blue background colour beautifully decorated with Magnolia flowers and foliage in pink, green, brown and light blue. The reverse side features Walter Moorcroft signature and factory stamp, circa 1975. [Condition: Mint]
NECTAR TEA ENAMEL ADVERTISING SIGN. A pictorial enamel advertising sign depicting a tea cup and saucer and produced in green, brown and white enamel with the tea company's name on the cup. The enamel sign makers name printed at the bottom of the sign. Ideal for a kitchen or perhaps decoration for a tea / coffee shop. Circa 1900.
NOVELITY BOX MODELLED AS A BIRDS EGG. A very unusual silver hallmarked novelty egg beautifully decorated with floral designs. The box opens on a hinge and the interior is gilded. The size is approximately that of a chicken's egg. Silver hall marks for Chester 1901 and with makers initials N & H. [Condition: Mint]
NOVELTY EGG SCENT BOTTLE WITH SILVER MOUNTS. A superb Victorian novelty ceramic egg with speckled decoration. Plain screw-off lid with silver hall marks for William Oliver Birmingham 1890. A very attractive and unusual item. [Condition: Mint]
NOVELTY SILVER EDWARDIAN SCENT BOTTLE DESIGNED AS A WALNUT. A beautiful ceramic walnut, the modeling is exceptional as it really does look like a nut. Complete with silver hallmarked circular top with makers initials for, John Thornhill and sons Birmingham 1904. Near mint condition.
NOVELTY SILVER PEPPER POT MODELED AS A SAUCEPAN. A superb miniature novelty saucepan for containing pepper. Detachable lid with a number of small holes for dispensing pepper. Matching silver hallmarks to the pot and the lid for Chester 1903 and with makers mark CS & FS. There are some tiny dents to the saucepan but these look to be intentional by the manufacturer to make the saucepan look old and give it characture. Very unusual, I have never seen another. [Condition: Exc++]
NOVELTY SILVER TAZZA MODELED AS A MINIATURE TABLE. A superb silver hall marked tazza modeled as a miniature Victorian 3 lag table.The detail to the legs is exceptional, the table top has an attractive fret work decoration. Silver hall marks for London 1911 and with makers initials R & B.
OLD BILL DECORATIVE PLATE A very nice example with fine detail, it depicts old bill with a pot of jam. Pottery stamp to the reverse side. [Condition: Mint]
OLD BILL DECORATIVE PLATE. Fine example which depicts old bill in the trenches. Pottery stamp to the reverse side. [Condition: Mint]
OLD BILL WW1 WALL PLATE. A fine example depicting Old Bill in WW1 British army uniform in a battle damaged farm house with comical inscription below. Pottery stamp to the reverse side, Grimwades, Winton, Stoke on Trent. Mint condition.
PAIR OF MATCHING SILVER MATCH BOX HOLDERS. Each silver match box holder is engraved with family coat of arms. Silver marks for London 1909 and with makers initials.
PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER GRAPE SCISSORS WITH ORIGINAL CASE. A fine set of antique silver grape scissors, the handles are decorated with a lady and gentleman in Tudor dress. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1886. Complete with leatherette box.
PHOTOGRAPH OF DELLS STORES OF NORTHAMPTON. This excellent original photograph depicts this grocery shop in the Edwardian period, good shop window display of provisions with large framed advertising sign for Phipps beers. [Condition: Exc+]
PICTORAL VICTORIAN CODD BOTTLE. A good 10 oz size codd bottle embossed, C.COBLEYS, AERATED WATERS, MIDLAND ROAD, WELLINGBOROUGH, with the very large and impressive pictorial trade mark of a LION. I have a number of Cobleys codd bottles in stock by several different glass makers and also several small 6oz examples, so I can supply a pair if required. The price is for a single 10oz example and it will be my choice which one I send to you but it will be a nice example. [Condition: Near Mint]
PICTORIAL STONE GINGER BEER BOTTLE. Champaign shape stoneware two tone ginger beer bottle with under glaze black transfer, JULIUS PETERS HULL, with large and highly detailed black transfer of a bison. Pearson's pottery stamp to side of bottle. The bottle is in perfect condition with no chips cracks or repairs and it has a good sharp print, much better than most.
PRATT POT LID, MAY DAY DANCERS AT THE SWAN INN. A very nice coloured lid featuring a highly detailed picture of a village Inn with the villagers celebrating out side. A few tiny nicks to the flange edge but this is still a very nice lid. [Condition: Near Mint]
PRATT WARE POT LID, BELL VUE TEVERN. A fine Pratt ware pot lid depicting the Bell Vue tavern in Pagwell Bay in Kent with sailing boat in the background and horse and carriage in front of the tavern. One old very faint hairline on the reverse side. Good clear colours.
PRATT WARE POT LID, PAGWELL BAY. A very nice Victorian Pratt ware lid depicting the Bellvue tavern with fishing men and boats to the background and title, PAGWELL BAY ESTABLISHED 1760. Mint condition.
PRATT WARE POT LID, ROYAL HARBOUR RAMSGATE. A fine pictorial coloured Pratt ware pot lid depicting the harbor at Ramsgate with Victorian people walking along the promenade on the sea front with a busy harbor in the distance. Good sharp colours. [Condition: Mint]
PRATT WARE POT LID, THE SHRIMPERS. This very nice Victorian pot lid depicts shrimpers on the beach with village to the background which is probably Pagwell Bay. One very small chip to the flange but the front is perfect.
PRATT WARE POT LID, WAR. A very attractive Victorian Pratt ware pot lid entitled, War. A very detailed depiction of a fallen British cavalry trooper with his horse. This depiction is after a painting by Sir Edwin Landseer. The reverse side has a previous collector / museum label attached. [Condition: Mint]
PRATT WARE POT LID,THAMES EMBANKMENT. A superb coloured pot lid depicting the river Thames with Westminster and big Ben to the background. Mint condition.
PRATT WARE POT, SHAKSPEAR. Although these Pratt wear pots with hunting designs are fairly common this example commemorating William Shakspear is much harder to find. Blue glazed pot with gold and black under glaze print, obverse side features a seated William shakspear with two cherubs holding masks and with the legend, SHAKSPEAR BORN APRIL 23 1564. The obverse side features a globe with the seven ages of man (birth to death), and below this the scales of time with theatrical masks and the legend, THE WORLD'S A STAGE. [Condition: Mint]
PRATT WARE POT. The Continental Fish Market, a full colour Victorian Pratt ware pot that would have probably originally contained fish past.Fine condition.
QUEEN VICTORIA STONEWARE REFORM FLASK. A superb reform flask modelled as a young Queen Victoria with excellent detail to her face and clothing, the queen is holding a scroll with the inscription, MAY PEACE AND PROSPERITY PREVAIL. The reverse side of the flask is impressed, Queen Alexandrina Victoria and below this the pottery stamp, Denby & Codnor Park, Bournes Potteries Derbyshire. Circa 1840's. Height approximately 8 inches or 20cm and it is in fine condition.
RARE SILVER NOVELTY VICTORIAN TELESCOPE CIGAR PIERCER. A rare Victorian silver novelty cigar piercer designed as a miniature telescope. Silver marks for Chester 1900 with makers name Mudie & Sons. A very unusual silver novelty.
REFERENCE BOOK, THE MARTIN BROTHERS POTTERS BY MARTIN HASLAM. Large reference book with many photographs and illustrations charting the history of this famous English pottery. Over 170 pages. Published in 1978 and long out of print, this copy in mint condition.
ROYAL NAVAL BOSUN WHISTLE WITH ORIGINAL ISSUE BOX. A superb English silver hallmarked Royal Naval boson whistle contained in its extremely rare original issue box. Silver hall marks to the whistle for Birmingham 1928 with makers initials. The small card box has the following details to the lid, SPECIALITY NAVAL JEWELLERY, M.B.LANJON, GOLDSMITHS & JEWELLER, 4 ORDNANCE ROW, THE HARD, PORTSMOUTH. Boson whistles are rare and are normally found in platted white metal, silver hall marked examples are extremely rare and to find one with it's original issue box is almost unique. Whistle mint, box exc condition [Condition: Mint]
SCHWEPPES HAMILTON BOTTLE. A good 10oz size aqua hamilton bottle embossed,J.SCHWEPPE & CO,51 BERNERS STREET,OXFORD STREET,GENUINE SUPERIOR AERATED WATERS.Bottle dates from about 1860/70.Some minor internal stains which could easily be cleaned, over all the bottle is in very nice condition. [Condition: Exc++]
SCOTTISH SILVER ARTS & CRAFTS LOVING CUP. A superb Scottish arts and crafts style loving cup with obvious Rennie Mackintosh influence. Chalice like cup with two long twin handles in a fretwork design (reminiscent of the back of a Makintosh chair), each handle decorated with a silver loving bird. Scottish silver hall marks for Edinburgh 1926 and with silver makers initials H & M (Hamilton & Inches). Height 6 inches. [Condition: Near Mint]
SCOTTISH SILVER ARTS AND CRAFT BOWL. This would be a perfect centerpiece for a table. Large Scottish hallmarked silver arts and crafts style bowl with a hammered pattern design sitting on three decorative lags which are then mounted to a hammered pattern design circular base. Silver hall marks for Glasgow 1908 with makers initials. [Condition: Near Mint]
SCOTTISH SILVER VICTORIAN SALVER. A superb silver drinks salver, the top of the salver is beautifully engraved with floral designs of vines and grapes, the border also has similar designs. The salver sits on three decorative feet. Scottish silver hall marks for Edinburgh 1841 and with makers initials R & W. A very attractive salver. [Condition: Near Mint]
SET OF 3 SILVER VICTORIAN CONDIMENT POTS WITH CARRYING HANDLE. Each pot is decorated with flowers and floral designs to the exterior and they are sitting on three small feet, the interior is factory gilded. Complete with long carrying handle. Silver hallmarks for London 1890 and with makers initials. This would be perfect for jam or sources.
SET OF SILVER SIFTERS BY ROYAL JEWELER'S GARARDS. A fine quality and highly decorative set of Victorian silver hallmarked sifters by the highly collectable English Royal silversmith's and jeweler's, Garrards of London. Both sifters have matching hallmarks for London 1856 with makers initials, the sifters are also both engraved with the original owners family coat of arms. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER EDWARDIAN TABLE EPERGNE. A very attractive silver table epergne complete with three detachable flute type vases. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1907 with makers initials C & C. Height just under 9 inches.
SILVER & TORTOISESHELL PYRAMID INKWELL. A superb quality inkwell designed as a pyramid and constructed in tortoiseshell and silver.The lid is hinged and it still retains its original removable glass ink reservoir.Silver marks for Birmingham 1922. Exceptional quality and a very unusual and beautiful design.
SILVER 3 PIECE ENGLISH TEA SET A fine 1930's art deco example comprising large silver tea pot, cream jug and sugar bowl all with matching silver hall marks for Sheffield 1931 and makers initials EV.
SILVER AND GLASS ART NOUVEAU POT. A fine quality and very attractive oblong cut glass trinket box, complete with silver art nouveau lid featuring various floral organic designs, silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1916 and with makers initials T.B. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER AND TORTOISESHELL TRINKET BOX. A very nice silver trinket box sitting on three decorative silver feet.The lid is constructed in tortoiseshell and then inlaid in silver with the military badge of the, ARMY SERVICE CORPS. Silver hallmarks for London 1916 with makers details for the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd.
SILVER ART NOUVEAU CLOCK. Very attractive silver front with art nouveau floral designs and silver marks for Birmingham 1905 with makers initials WN and design registration number. White enamel clock face with with black numerals and which has a couple of faint hairline cracks. Metal easel stand to the reverse side.The clock is still in good working order.Height just under 6 inches or 15cm.
SILVER ARTS AND CRAFTS TAZA A very attractive small taza standing at just under 6 inches in total height. Silver bowl and base with wooden barley twist stem. Silver marks for Birmingham 1925 with makers initials.
SILVER CADY SPOON, NOVILTY JOCKY CAP. A superb tea caddy spoon designed as a jockey cap, silver hall marks for Sheffield 1920 with makers initials. A fine piece of novelty silver. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER CARD CASE BY SAMPSON MORDAN. A beautiful silver card case with attractive decoration to obverse and reveres sides, the case is also engraved with the original owners initials.The lid is on an unusual hinged spring mechanism.Silver hall marks for Sampson Mordan Chester 1912.
SILVER DECORATIVE BOX WITH HISTORICAL DESIGNS. A Superb silver hallmarked table top snuff box with hinged lid, the lid portrays a highly details historical depiction of several gentlemen escorting young lady's. The border of the box is very gothic in design. Silver import marks for Chester 1904. A very attractive box. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER DECORATIVE FRUIT BOWL. A large silver bowl with decorative border and with a large floral leaf design to the center.The bowl sits on four attractive claw feet. Silver marks for Sheffield 1941 with makers initials.
SILVER DOUBLE SCENT BOTTLE WITH ORIGINAL CASE. A superb quality cased silver gilt double ended scent bottle retailed by the prestigious jeweler Asprey of London. This 10 sided clear glass scent bottle has fine quality silver gilt hallmarked tops each of which is inset with 18 blue stones, the flat surface is also engraved with the original owners initials, silver hallmarks for London 1868. The quality of the scent bottle is outstanding as you would expect for Asprey. Complete with original red velvet presentation case, the interior base is inset for the bottle, the interior lid has the retailers name, ASPREY, 165 OLD BOND STREET & 22 ALDERMARLE ST, LONDON, BY APPONTMENT TO H.R.H.THE PRINCE OF WALES. The red velvet case is in over all excellent condition and it has the original owners initials to the lid, the velvet shows wear to the high point of the lid as you would expect with a box of this age. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER DOUBLE SOVERIGN CASE. A fine quality silver hallmarked double sovereign case, the outer case is beautifully factory engraved with floral designs. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1910. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER EDWARDIAN ART NOUVEAU PICTURE FRAME. A very attractive silver hallmarked picture frame standing at about 8 inches in height and decorated with flowing organic flowers very art nouveau in appearance. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 by W.J.Myatt & co. Complete with original picture glass, blue velvet backing and hinged stand. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER EDWARDIAN BIRD PIN CUSHION WITH ORIGINAL GLASS PIN HOLDER COMBINATION. A most unusual silver pin cushion modeled as a chick sitting on a silver lid, the glass container still retains a few original pins. A most unusual glass and silver pin cushion combination, i do not recall seeing one before. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1907 and with makers initials.
SILVER EDWARDIAN CANOE PIN CUSHION. A very nice and unusual novelty silver hallmarked pin cushion modeled canoe. Silver marks for Birmingham 1902 and makers initials CS+FS.
SILVER EDWARDIAN INKWELL AND STAND. A very nice cut glass ink well with an intricate line decoration with silver collar and hinged lid, complete with matching silver hallmarked pen tray with matching line decoration and sitting on four decorative feet. Silver marks for Birmingham 1910.
SILVER EDWARDIAN NOVELTY BOX WITH MOST UNUSUAL FISHING CONNECTION. A most attractive box with decorated border to the lid and the base. The lid of the box has a most unusual and amusing inscription, FISHMONGERS COMPANY, AL WORSHIP BE TO COD ONLY, 9TH JULY 1902, with the pictorial design of a royal crown being raised by two hands. Silver marks for, Chester 1902 and with silver makers mark M.Bros. The base of the box is engraved, Mappin Brothers, 55 Cheapside EC, 220 Regent St W.The size of the box is similar to a large snuff box, approximately 8cm x 4cm.
SILVER EDWARDIAN PICTURE FRAME A very nice silver frame with attractive decorative silver border. Silver marks for Birmingham 1901 and makers initials S & B. Complete with glass and original backing and stand.
SILVER EDWARDIAN PICTURE FRAME. A very a attractive square silver hallmarked picture frame depicting floral designs and measuring 14cm square.The glass is unusual as it is domed rather than flat as most are, inside of the glass is the original shop display ribbon marked, HALL MARKED SILVER ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. Hinge to reverse side for table top display. Silver marks for Birmingham 1902 with makers initial AB&CO.
SILVER EDWARDIAN PIG PIN CUSHION. A very nice silver hallmarked novelty pin cushion modeled as a pig. Silver marks for Birmingham 1906 and with makers initials, A & L LD. Complete with red wool insert.
SILVER EDWARDIAN TABLE BELL. A very attractive hallmarked silver bell with original silver chain and ball to the inside. Silver marks for Birmingham 1903 and with makers initials GU for George Unite who was one of the best and most desirable Birmingham silversmiths.
SILVER FREE STANDING LATE VICTORIAN TABLE TOP MIRROR. A very good and attractive large free standing mirror with heavily decorated silver frame, the original high quality mirror glass is beveled. Wooden backing with hinged bracket shows wear and age as you would expect. Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1901 and makers initials HM. Height 12 inches. Very attractive and highly recommended.
SILVER GILT DECORATIVE HISTORICAL CUP. This beautiful cup is a copy of the ancient Greek Nestors cup. The cup is fitted with two decorative handles, each of which features a bird to the top flat edge which are apparently drinking from the cup.The original cup was discovered by archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1876 during an archeological excavation. Silver marks for Chester 1936 and with makers initials B & S Ltd (B.H.Britton & Son).The cup still retains almost all of its original gilt finish. Size 15cm or just under 6 inches in height.
SILVER HALL MARKED PEN TRAY. A very attractive and heavily chased silver tray with silver mount to center for holding a pen or similar object and which is engraved, August 14th 1903. Silver hallmarks for London 1902 and with makers initial WC. Mint condition.
SILVER HALL MARKED TORTOISESHELL PILL BOX. A very nice silver pillbox with tortoiseshell lid which is decorated with a lucky silver wishbone. Silver hall marks for London 1901 and makers initials C & A. [Condition: Exc++]
SILVER HALLMARKED DISH WITH FOX HEAD TO CENTER. A superb small hammered silver dish with decorative border, set to the center of the dish is a highly detail silver fox head. Silver hallmarks for London 1908 and with makers initials. Superb looking dish, the fox head is very attractive and highly detailed. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER HALLMARKED ENGLISH 8 BOTTLE CRUET SET. Superb Victorian silver decorative basket sitting on four ornate feet with silver carrying handle to center, the basket is stamped with silver hallmarks for London 1853 with makers mark EB & JB.The interior of basket is fitted with eight compartments containing eight fine quality cut glass bottles, two of the bottles have silver lids with silver hallmarks which match the hallmarks to the stand, the other six bottles have matching glass stoppers. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER HALLMARKED TEDDY PEPPERETTE. A superb and highly attractive English silver hallmarked pepperette finely modeled as a teddy bear. The teddy sits on a small silver base and the head can be removed or turned. Silver hallmarks to the body and also the head for Birmingham 1909 with makers initials of C&N. Height just under 2 inches and it is of remarkable quality and detail. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER HAMILTON STAND This is a superb and very decorative silver platted hamilton stand (holder for a point based mineral water bottle),it features bunches of grapes in a foliage design the 3 legs are also very decorative.Although I have seen many hamilton stands over the years,I have never seen one as decorative as this before.The bottle shown in one of the photos is for display only and is not included in the price. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER HISTORICAL PIN TRAY. A very unusual silver tray which depicts Sir Walter Raleigh smoking a large pipe with a servant serving ale and with the inscription, SIR WALTER RALEIGH'S FIRST PIPE IN ENGLAND AD 1589. Silver marks for Birmingham 1897 with makers initials.
SILVER HOT CHOCOLATE POT. A very nice silver hot chocolate pot with Britannia silver hallmarks for London 1915. The base is stamped, Crighton Bros London & New York.
SILVER INKWELL WITH PRESENTATION INSRIPTION. A very nice ink well with hinged lid in fine condition. Presentation inscription, Presented to Miss L.Parrott by the Church Congregation of Middle and East Claydon Sept 15.1925. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1924 and with makers initials. Complete with pottery ink well liner in used condition. Reflection on the lid makes it look badly dented in the photographs but it is not.
SILVER LETTER CLIP AND PIN TRAY. A very unusual tray modeled as a large leaf with highly detailed vanes, mounted to the back of the leaf is a spring loaded lucky wish bone for holding letters or calling cards. Silver hallmarks for London 1901 and makers initials GY & CO and model registration number. A unusual functional item and which is highly decorative. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER MILITARY INKWELL BY OMAR RAMSDEN. This very rare large and decorative English silver hall marked inkwell is by the highly important and collectable arts and crafts silver smith ,Omar Ramsden.Arts and crafts was a very popular movement from the 1870s until the late 1930s,the principles of the movement was to encourage the manufacture of hand made unique quality goods rather than identical machine made factory products. Large silver Standish with a very attractive hammered affect with raised ridge to the outer edge featuring 8 silver bars which almost look like metal rivets which would be ideal for holding pens. The center of the inkwell almost grows naturally into a mushroom form with silver hinged lid which when opened displays a clear glass inkwell. The lid of the inkwell is beautifully engraved with a Regimental badge, Ram holding a British flag surmounted by a kings crown and with inscription to outer edge, THE QUEENS 22ND LONDON REGIMENT. The raised outer edge of the inkwell between the stylized rivets is engraved, I WAS WROUGHT FOR CAPTAIN K.E.PREVITE BY COMMAND OF THE OFFICERS 22ND LONDON REGIMENT (THE QUEENS) ON OCCASION OF HIS MARAGE 30TH JAN 1930.The edge of the ink well is stamped with a full set of English silver hallmarks ,OR for Omar Ramsden and then the silver hall mark for London 1926,the interior of the lid also has matching silver hall marks. From research I have managed to discover one other almost identical inkwell by Omar Ramsden presented to a different officer who was also serving in the Queens Regiment and was manufactured in the same year as this example and which was at one time in the Campbell (Omar Ramsden) silver collection. It is believed that the Regiment ordered a small quantity of these silver inkwells from Omar Ramsden for presentation for Officers marriages and possibly retirements ,it is considered that about half a dozen of these inkwells were produced for the Regiment in the mid 1920s and were probably retained by Ramsden until required and then the inscriptions were applied at his workshop. Silver objects produced by Ramsden are highly collectable and very difficult to find, this example having the added interest of being an inkwell and having a military connection makes it even moor interesting and desirable. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER MILITARY VESTA ON STAND WITH GLASS BOWL. A very unusual silver hall marked vesta box engraved on the edge of the box, OFFICERS RECONNAISSANCE 1913 LIEUT A WOOD, the lid of the box is engraved with Regimental title and badge, 5th CYCLIST BATT EAST YORKS REGT, the box is fitted to three silver feet which attaches to a silver circular mount which attaches to a cut glass bowl. Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1904 and with makers initials. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER MINIATURE NOVELTY VICTORIAN PEPPER POT MODELED AS A WATER JUG. A superb quality novelty pepper pot modeled as a cream or water jug with detachable lid with fitted handle.Silver marks for Birmingham 1897 and makers initials J.C & S. Height 2 inches.
SILVER MOUNTED DOULTON BOOT. This interesting novelty was produced as a match stick holder. Doulton factory marks to base. Silver collar with hallmarks for Chester 1893. Mint condition.
SILVER MOUNTED LARGE CUT GLASS FLASK. A beautiful large cut glass flask standing at about 6 inches in height and decorated with a hand cut intricut decoration. Silver screw top with silver hall marks for London 1922 and with makers initials.The top of the silver lid is decorated with similar decoration as the cut glass flask.Very high quality and in fine condition.
SILVER NOVELTY BOTTLE STOPPER MODELD AS A PIG. Superbly modeled representation of a pig wearing a napkin and with the inscription, THIS LITTLE PIG HAD NON (probably referring to the contents). Silver marks for London 1930 and with makers initials CS & FS. The fitted cork stopper is still in fine condition. Height 8cm.
SILVER NOVELTY BUTTER DISH. A very nice novelty butter dish modeled as sea shell. Silver marks for London 1911 & with makers initials R & S.The base is marked, Reid & Sons Newcastle on Tyne.
SILVER NOVELTY PAPERWEIGHT MODEL OF A PIG. A superb silver paperweight model of a pig mounted on decorative base, silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1903 and makers initials L & S (Levi & Saldmon). Tiny and insignificant dent to the back of the pigs neck but other than that it is very nice. Cloth to base. Height just under 2 inches [Condition: Exc++]
SILVER NOVELTY PIN CUSHION. A large silver pin cushion modeled as a shoe. The base or sole of the shoe is made of wood and is really attractive and realistic. Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1915 and with makers initials S.B & S LD
SILVER NOVELTY SCENT BOTTLE / POCKET WATCH. A very unusual late Victorian English silver gilt scent bottle designed to look like a gold hunter pocket watch, the facsimile watch turner can be unscrewed. Silver hall marks for London 1900 and with makers initials. [Condition: Exc++]
SILVER NOVELTY VICTORIAN BELL INKWELL. A very nice silver hallmarked novelty bell, lifting the lid reveals a glass inkwell. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1897 with makers initials which are slightly difficult to make out now.
SILVER OWL MENU OR CARD HOLDER. A very nice and unusual silver menu or card holder depicting two owls which is unusual as when these are normally found they only have one owl. Silver marks for Birmingham 1910 and makers initials.
SILVER PHEASANT BOTTLE OPENER. A superb hallmarked silver corkscrew bottle opener modeled as a large cock pheasant. The detail to this large bird is exceptional with much hand finishing, the eyes of the bird are actually red stones. The base has a full set of English hallmarks for Birmingham 1970.This corkscrew would be a great match for the cased set of pheasant cocktail stick's also featured on my site. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER PHEASANT CARD HOLDER. A superb silver hall marked model of a pheasant on decorative base. Silver import hall marks for London 1928 by Stockwell & co. The detail to the bird is exceptional. Height just over 2 inches. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER PLATED HAMILTON STAND. A good Victorian silver plated stand that will hold one hamilton bottle. Difficult to find now. The bottle shown in the last photograph is for display only and it is not included in the price. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER PUZLE BOX A very attractive silver hallmarked novelty puzzle box, approximately the size of a snuff box. Decorative factory engraved box mounted with gold capital W. Sliding the artificial hinge releases the lid. The interior lid of the box has an interesting inscription, WITH OUT FIRE NO SMOKE AND NO LOVE and signed H. Silver hallmarks for London 1925 and with makers initials FB, the box also has a design registration and patent number. A very unusual box. [Condition: Near Mint]
SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE. Very attractive silver case engraved with a floral design.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1914.
SILVER SPECTACLE CASE WITH CHAIN HANGER. English silver hallmarked and beautifully chased spectacle case fitted with matching chain hanger and suspension clip, silver hallmarks for Chester 1908 and with makers initials GS & FS. Near mint condition.
SILVER TEA CADDY SPOON MODELED AS A JOCKEY'S HAT. A superb quality novelty jockey hat caddy spoon with silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1938 and with makers initials TB & S.
SILVER TORTOISESHELL BOX. A very nice silver box sitting on three decorative feet. The hinged tortoiseshell lid is beautifully inlaid with intricut silver floral designs.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1919 with makers initials.The box contains the original pale blue silk lining.
SILVER TRINKET BOX DECORATED WITH COLOURED DESIGN OF TWO LADY'S IN VICTORIAN STYLE CLOTHING. This attractive oval silver box is hallmarked Birmingham 1924 with makers initials.The lid has a colored depiction of two lady's wearing long flowing dresses on a black background, the colours of the dresses actually change when the box is tilted and catches the light, a very unusual technique.
SILVER TUREEN AND COVER BY HUNT AND ROSKELL 1867. A silver lidded twin handled serving tureen. The tureen sits on a circular footed base with two serving handles, the exterior of the lid finely engraved in typical Victorian style and is fitted with a decorative finial / handle. The Tureen has a full set of silver hallmarks to the base for the prestigious London silver smiths, Hunt & Roskell with silver marks for London 1867, the base is also engraved, HUNT & ROSKILL LATE STORR & MORTIMER, the Storr the engraving is referring to is Paul Storr who was is one of England's finest silver smiths and is much in demand by collectors. The lid of the tureen features matching silver hall marks, the interior of the lid also features a much later inscription, 10 signatures and date 1935 / 1936. A superb example of quality Victorian English silver. [Condition: Mint]
SILVER VICTORIAN 3 PEACE TEA SET. A very attractive antique silver tea set comprising tea pot, sugar bowl and cream jug. Matching silver hall marks to all 3 peaces for London 1894 and with makers initials JTH & JHM. A very nice set in superb near mint condition.
SILVER VICTORIAN CARD CASE BY NATHANIEL MILLS. A superb early Victorian silver card case by the rare and very desirable silver smith, Nathaniel Mills. This example is especially rare as it features castle designs, normally if a card case depict a building it will be just a single building but this example is more unusual as it depicts two castles, the obverse side features Warwick castle and the reverse side, Kenilworth castle, the detail is exceptional as you would expect from this maker.Silver hall marks for Birmingham 1839.Near mint condition.
SILVER VICTORIAN NOVELTY HORSESHOE VESTA CASE. A rare silver hallmarked Vesta / wick holder modeled as a horseshoe. Lifting the concealed catch exposes the wick and compartment for storing the matches, a small wheel mounted on the side when turned dispenses the wick.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1875.
SILVER VICTORIAN PERFUME BOTTLE. A long cone shaped bottle with hinged lid and beautifully decorated with floral designs, original owners initials engraved to the front of the flask / bottle. Silver marks for Birmingham 1899 and with makers initials H & T for A.H.Tongue. Size approximately 16cm or over 6 inches long.
SILVER VICTORIAN SOVEREIGN AND VESTA CASE COMBINATION. A very attractive case which is highly decorated with floral designs and it is also engraved with the original owners initials.One end of the case opens to reveal a sovereign coin holder and the other end opens for matches.Silver marks for Birmingham 1900 and with makers initials T & S.
SILVER WILLIAM THE 4TH NOVELTY VINAIGRETTE. A most unusual novelty example produced to look like a miniature book. Opening the silver cover reveals an impressive silver floral decorated hinged grill.Silver marks for Gervase Wheeler Birmingham 1835.
SILVER WILLIAM THE 4TH SCOTTISH STYLE SNUFF MULL BY NATHANIEL MILLS OF BIRMINGHAM 1831. A superb horn snuff mull by one of the greatest and most desirable silversmiths of all time, Nathaniel Mills. A very nice carved animal horn with attractive natural patterns, hinged silver lid with silver hallmarks for Nathaniel Mills of Birmingham 1831. A rare and very attractive snuff box.
SMALL DOULTON ARTWARE WHISKY JUG. Blue and brown glazed whisky jug with decorative white central border with 4 blue madalions.Base marked Doulton Lambeth England,model number and artists initials LP (Lily Patington).Hight just over 7 inches. [Condition: Mint]
STONEWARE BELLERMINE JUG, CIRCA 1685. This is a really beautiful mottled brown glazed example featuring the face of the bearded man on the shoulder and large coat of arms on the belly of the bellermine. The jug dates to about circa 1685. Height just under 9 inches. No cracks or repairs, the jug shows light age wear as you would expect after more than 300 years.
SUPERB QUALITY CARD CASE BY SAMPSON MORDAN. A fine quality silver box by the prestigious London silversmiths Sampson Mordan and produced in the art deco period. This attractive and elegant silver case is in fine condition, the interior is gilded and it is silver hallmarked, SM & CO for Sampson Mordan London 1928 and it is also engraved with the original owners name, Pamela.
SUPERB QUALITY SILVER EDWARDIAN DISH WITH ENAMELED FLOWER DECORATION. A fine quality silver bowl modeled to look like a flower head with 8 petals. The center of the bowl is beautifully decorated with 3 high quality enameled white flowers with yellow centers and brown stems, the enamel work is of the finest quality and it is in perfect condition.Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1910 and with makers initials CSC & CO. A very attractive dish
SUPERB QUALITY SILVER SPIRIT HIP FLASK. The surface of this fine flask is totally covered in fine decorative floral chasing, the obverse center of the flask features the owners initials and date, JUNE 5TH 1893. Complete with original hinged lid. The obverse and reverse side's of the flask have a matching set of silver hall mark, Birmingham 1891 and makers mark S & I. The condition is amazing with almost know wear. [Condition: Mint]
UNUSUAL EXTRA LARGE CODD BOTTLE WITH A MILITARY CONNECTION. Most codd bottles are produced in a 6oz or 10oz size but this one is an extra large 16oz example which are scarce and unusual.This large aqua glass codd bottle is embossed, HEDGES, LONG CECIL, SMETHWICK. The reverse side has the glass makers details for Redfern brothers Barnsley. The bottle was produced to commemorate the end of the Boar war in South Africa, long Cecil was the name of a large field gun that was produced by the De Beers mining group in Kimbeley for use by the British military garrison to defend Kimberley against the attacking Boar forces.These extra large codds seem to mostly originate from the Birmingham area and were used by various company's and a number of them were produced as military commemoratives with embossing such as, long guns, peace beverage and obviously long Cecil.The condition of the bottle is mint and it has probably never been buried in a rubbish tip.
UNUSUAL SILVER SALT & PEPPER COMBINATION ON STAND. This most unusual design was officially Registered and it is stamped with a Registration number. Decorative silver fretwork bowl standing on three feet complete with original blue glass liner for containing salt. Fitted to the silver bowl is a decorative silver mount which contains the matching silver pepper pot. The bowl and pepper pot have matching silver hall marks for Sheffield 1920 and makers initials JR. [Condition: Near Mint]
VERY ATRACTIVE EDWARDIAN SILVER AND GLASS SIFTER. A very attractive hall marked silver sifter standing at over 6 inches in total height. The body is produced in a very ornate silver fret work design featuring stylized harts, complete with a cobalt blue glass liner in perfect condition and standing on a silver pedestal base. The top is detachable. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 and with makers initials. A very unusual and attractive design. [Condition: Near Mint]
VERY LARGE EDWARDIAN FREE STANDING MIRROR. This extra large example measures over 18 inches in total height.Decorative silver frame with hall marks for Birmingham 1902 and with makers initial HM.The beveled glass is in excellent condition.Reverse side has mounting stand for table top display.
VERY LARGE GOTHIC EARLY VICTORIAN SILVER AND CRANBERRY GLASS TABLE CENTER. A very attractive and tall table center standing at just under 16 inches or about 40cm in height.The silver base and stem are very ornamental and Gothic in style.The silver stand is complete with it's original cranberry glass detachable trumpet vase. Silver marks near the base for Sheffield 1844 and with makers initials. A very impressive and attractive item in fine condition which is remarkable when you consider its age.
VERY LARGE MOORCROFT FRUIT BOWL. Superb large and impressive bowl decorated with pansy's on a dark blue background. Moorcroft factory marks to the reverse side and also signed by Walter Moorcroft. Dates to 1945 - 1949 period and size almost 11 inches wide. Mint.
VERY LARGE VICTORIAN SILVER MOUNTED CUT GLASS HIP FLASK BY THE HIGHLY COLLECTABLE MAKER CHARLES FOX. This is a very large double capacity silver hip flask measuring almost 8 inches in height.The cut glass bottle is in mint condition and it is fitted with silver top and detachable silver cup both with matching silver hallmarks for the important and very desirable silversmith,Charles Fox London 1889. The second flask shown in one of the photographs is for a size comparison only and it is not included in the price. A beautiful example in fine condition and rare in this large size.
VICTORIAN 9 CARAT GOLD CARD CASE BY MAPPIN & WEBB. An extremely nice and very rare 9ct gold card case weighing an impressive 43 grams.The lid is hinged and has a good tight fit. Gold marks for Birmingham 1894 and with makers initials for Mappin & Webb and gold content marks.
VICTORIAN 9CT GOLD VESTA CASE. A very nice 9ct gold Victorian vesta case, the case is gold hallmarked for Birmingham 1898 with makers initials. [Condition: Near Mint]
VICTORIAN DOULTON LEMONADE JUG BY HANNA BARLOW. This is a beautiful example which is in mint condition decorated by the famous and desirable Doulton artist, Hanna Barlow.The jug is decorated with five donkey's in a meadow. Attractive green and blue borders.The base of the jug has the Doulton factory stamp, Hanna Barlow's initials, assistants initials, date of manufacture 1877 and various other stamps. Silver collar . Height approximately 9 inches or 23cm. Mint condition.
VICTORIAN DOULTON LEMONADE JUG. Extra large brown glazed Doulton jug with attractive blue flower decoration. Doulton factory mark with date 1877 and Emily Parkington artists marks to base. Silver collar with hinged lid. Height almost 11 inches or 28cm. An impressive looking large jug. Mint condition.
VICTORIAN DOULTON LEMONADE JUG. A very attractive example produced in a blue, green and brown glaze with intricate flower decoration. Artist initials EA and Doulton factory marks to base and dated 1878. Very faint star crack in base but it is very minor and does not go through the pottery. Complete with silver hallmarked collar. Height just over 9 inches or 23cm. Near mint.
VICTORIAN DOULTON LEMONADE JUG. A very attractive jug decorated with an intricate design of flowers with border to top and bottom edge. The base has Doulton factory mark, date 1879 and artists initials. silver collar.Height approximately 24cm. Mint condition.
VICTORIAN GLASS BARREL INKWELL. A very attractive aqua glass barrel ink bottle with attractive chequered surface with sheared lip as manufactured and with attractive impurity's in glass.
VICTORIAN GLASS DUMP WITH FLOWER DECORATION. A large aqua glass dump with a flower design within the glass. It is believed that these were made by glass workers at the end of a working day with left over glass and probably sold by them for a penny or two.
VICTORIAN NOVELTY SILVER PILL BOX. A suburb quality and highly detailed silver hall marked pill box which is appropriately modeled as a doctors Gladstone bag. Hinged lid and movable handle. Silver hall marks for Saunders & Shepherd Birmingham 1899. [Condition: Near Mint]
VICTORIAN NOVELTY SILVER SCISSORS FOR THREADING RIBBON AND LACE. A fine quality set of Victorian silver scissors for threading and weaving lace and ribbon, modeled a long legged bird which is probably a stork, the detail to the bird is exceptional. Silver marks for London 1887 and makers initials JHSJ.
VICTORIAN NOVILTY SILVER SAWING SET. Modeled as a silver egg, the case is heavily chassed with floral designs. The hinged lid opens to reveal a sawing set comprising cotton on a fitted spindle and an attractive enameled thimble. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1880 and makers initials. Complete with silver suspension chain [Condition: Near Mint]
VICTORIAN SAMPSON MORDAN MINIATURE VICTORIAN SILVER STICK STAND PIN CUSHION. A superb silver miniature stick stand sitting on four ball feet, complete with purple velvet insert. Silver marks for London 1900 with makers initials SM & CO for Sampson Mordan and with retailers name, J.C.Vickery 181 & 183 Regent Street (London). An amazing quality miniature silver stick stand / pin cusshion by this highly desirable and collectible maker. Height 10cm.
VICTORIAN SILVER AND ENAMEL PILL BOX. A very attractive circular silver pill box, the border of the box and the frame of the lid are decorated with floral designs, the lid of the box features a suburb quality enamel plaque depicting a young lady with her gentleman admirer. Silver marks for London 1892 and with makers initials ETB. The box is in very nice condition but there is a fine hairline crack to the enamel plaque but it is very minor and it can only really be seen with a jewelers glass or loop.
VICTORIAN SILVER BAROMETER. A superb and very decorative silver hallmarked table or desk top barometer. Silver hallmarks for Chester 1899 and with makers initials JD & WD. Good working order. Hight 7 inches.
VICTORIAN SILVER COMBINATION VESTA,SOVEREIGN AND STAMP CASE. Small rectangular silver box engraved with foliage decoration fitted with suspension ring, hinged cover's to top and bottom, one for holding the Vesta's and the other end contains a sovereign holder and the interior of the lid is fitted with a stamp holder. Patent details to inside of lid. Silver marks for Birmingham 1894 and makers initials for Deakin & Francis. A very nice and scarce combination set.
VICTORIAN SILVER MATCH BOX HOLDER. A large silver match box holder with decorative sunburst design. Silver marks for Birmingham 1898 with makers initials.
VICTORIAN SILVER MOUNTED LEATHER STATIONARY CASKET. A beautiful green leather stationery casket with silver art nouveau mounts. The casket is in fine condition with green leather covering with ornate silver mounts which are silver marked for London 1891 and with makers initials WC for William Comyns and sons. The box features original fittings to the interior which is partitioned for stationary and with a green silk lining to the lid. Amazing condition for a box that is 130 years old, almost as good as the day it was sold in Victorian England back in the 1890's.
VICTORIAN SILVER NOVELTY GROTESQUE FISH. An extremely unusual silver model of a fat grotesque fish with large bug type eyes and with wide open gaping mouth, the fish is being carried by two tortoises.The detail is exceptional and the fish is very reminiscent of Victorian spoon warmer similar to what was being produced by the Martin Brothers at this time. Silver hallmarks for London1887.
VICTORIAN SILVER NOVELTY MINIATURE PLAYING CARD CASE. A very nice small silver box with hinged lid beautifully decorated with floral designs. Silver hallmarks for Chester 1898 and with makers initials N & H. Complete with a set of miniature playing cards. A very attractive novelty box in fine condition.
VICTORIAN SILVER NOVELTY OWL PEPPER POT. A superb silver hallmarked owl pepper pot by the prestigious silver smith George Fox. The attractive pepper pot is of exceptional quality with superb detail to the feathered body, the owls eyes are actually inlaid glass. Silver marks for London 1840 and marked GF for George Fox. Height just over 8cm.
VICTORIAN SILVER SCOTTISH SWORD LETTER OPENER. A superb silver hallmarked model of a Scottish highland broadsword. A highly detailed Scottish style basket hilt which is stamped with silver hallmarks and it still retains it's original red wool interior lining. The long blade features matching silver hallmarks for Edinburgh 1899 and with makers initials M & C. A superb quality miniature sword measuring about 10 inches long.
VICTORIAN SILVER SNUFFBOX WITH PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION TO THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF GATESHEAD. This is a an early Victorian silver hallmarked snuff box, all sides include the base are beautifully decorated with intricut designs.The lid has a long presentation inscription, PRESENTED TO MR EDMOND COATES M.D. BY A FEW OF HIS GATESHEAD FRIENDS AS A TOKEN OF RESPECT 26TH OCTR 1878. The interior has silver marks for Frederick Mason Birmingham 1848.
VICTORIAN SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE. A very nice hallmarked silver sovereign case, the outer case is chased with an attractive floral design and the lid is engraved with the original owners initials in a shield. Silver marks for Birmingham 1899 and with makers initials JH.
VICTORIAN SYKES MACVAY MINERAL WATER BOTTLE. A large 10oz aqua example of this scarce mineral watter bottle.The bottle features 6 large dimples in the base to retain the internal glass marble stopper.The lip still retains the original lead seal.The bottle is embossed, W.WICKAM WARE, the base of the bottle is embossed with the makers and patent details, Sykes Macvay & co makers Castleford, Patent 1877.The bottle is in mint condition.
WORLD WAR TWO 9 CARAT GOLD RAF BADGE. A very nice solid gold an enamel RAF badge, the badge features the RAF pilots wings with blue enamel RAF and kings crown above.These badges were normally given by RAF pilots to there wife or girlfriend. The reverse side features pin and hook with safety catch and it is stamped 9ct for 9 carat gold.
WW1 ENGLISH OLD BILL PLATE. Stonware plate depicting the popular British soldier Old Bill sitting in a trench reading a news paper and with two comrades looking on and stating, WHAT TIME DO THEY FEED THE SEA LIONS ALF. The reverse side has makers details, ROYAL WINTON GRIMWADE MADE IN ENGLAND. Circa 1920 and signed by the artist. [Condition: Mint]